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What do past students think of Glenn’s Driving School?

Great for nervous drivers

“ I had already completed about 60 hours when I met with Glenn but I was still a really nervous driver. Glenn is calm and gives clear instructions. He's happy to have a laugh with you which helped me relax a bit. Thanks for being patient, Glenn!”
- Ally

Best teacher ever 🙂

“ I did ten lessons with Glenn and am glad I did. I was not very confident when I did my first lesson and by the last, I felt good about driving. I got my p's first try all thanks to Glenn.”
- Rhiannon

Great driving school

“ Without Glenn's driving school I wouldn't of been able to get my ps. So thankful for the knowledge they taught me about driving!!”
- Olivia

best driving school highly reccomended

“ I reccomend glenn to all my friends on there L's. Great driving instructor who taught me new things every lesson.”
- maddie

Greatest Driving Instructor on Earth.

“ Glenn is an amazing driving instructor. As a nervous first time driver, Glenn made me feel confident and capable behind the wheel. I always looked forward to my lessons and found the experience to be a positive and rewarding one. Also, I scored 100% on my test. ”
- Cody

Better Than The Rest!

“ I had been with previous instructors but wasn't happy with how I was being taught. Glenn was hands down the best teacher I had, he taught how to drive in a relaxed, comfortable environment. He worked with me rather than making me feel he was above me and has a great deal of patience! He gave honest feedback and gave me a lot of confidence when I felt very nervous and was always open for a laugh which made me feel so much more comfortable! I was so happy with the way he taught that I sent my younger brother straight to him, who was taught manual by Donna. We both passed first go on our P's test and I can confidently say that if it wasn't for Glenn's driving school we may have had to sit that (at the time) scary test again! Thanks so much Glenn!”
- J-lo

Highly Recommend

“ Glenn taught me everything I needed to know for the driving test. He was always on time and continuously had a 'can-do', positive attitude to his teaching. I couldn't fault him if I tried and would highly recommend Glenn's driving school to learner drivers.”
- Emily

Amazing Teacher

“ Glen went above and beyond to help me learn what I needed to know to obtain my licence. He is an excellent teacher and I would definitely recommend him to other learner drivers. I am very grateful for his help. ”
- Nickola

Greatest driving school around..

“ I was lucky enough to be taught by both Glenn and Maria..they are both very dedicated to making you feel relaxed and comfortable...they taught me all the things I needed to know with patience and caring and I passed 1st time with 100%...couldn't be happier..Thanks Glenn and Maria”
- Kieara Fisher

Amazing teacher!

“ Before having lessons with Maria, I was nervous and didn't really expect to get my license anytime soon. Maria gave me confidence and was able to correct every mistake and bad habit I'd picked up. Thank you again for everything!”
- Christian

Better then the best!

“ My second drive ever was with Glenn! He is honestly the most outstanding teacher with so much patience! If you're thinking of learning with Glenn's driving school, do it ! You will be so impressed just as myself and my family was in their ability to teach you things and more importantly help you get the hang of it as quickly as possible! Passed on my first go with full marks and can easily say it's because of my fantastic instructor !”
- Danika

The best!

“ After being a student of Glenn's for the past 3 weeks or so, I can honestly say he's the best driving instructor around!I got my p's first go and also achieved a score of 100%!! I really enjoyed my lessons with Glenn, always up for a laugh and teaching me how to be the safest driver I can be. Thanks so much for your help Glenn!”
- Abbey

Great driving school!

“ Glens driving school was such a experience for me, wouldn't have come as far as if did without the help of Maria and Glen, fantastic teacher highly recommend!! Thank you both for all your help 🙂 xx”
- Kristen

Highly Recommended

“ I've driven with both Glenn and Maria, and they are both amazing instructors, so friendly and helpful. They make you feel comfortable and confident, and in result I passed my P's test first go. I would highly recommend Glenn's driving school.”
- Sandi

Passed First go!

“ Glenn taught me to drive a few years ago now. I was a very nervous driver and used to put off driving as much as possible. I did most of my hours through Glenn. Glenn was very patient with me and gave me alot of confidence, he would pick me up from work for lessons as I worked Mon-Fri. I passed my driving test on my first go!I have and will always recommend Glenns driving! Thanks Glenn!”
- Kayla

Absolutley Great

“ When I first began I had gone through multiple instructors and was an awful driver. 8 Lessons with glen later I passed strait away and I have been complimented on my driving. Glens is definently the best of the driving schools in the hunter.”
- Yasmin


“ I couldn't have asked for a more reliable and professional driving instructor. Glen has a great personality and is extremely knowledgeable about road rules, test routes and knows all the tricks in order for you to pass your driving test. He is very supportive and honest not to mention hilarious too. I highly recommend Glen's Driving School if you're going for your P's. I passed first go with Glen's guidance!”
- Adelle

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- Anonymous


“ Glenn taught me everything i needed, and was i able to pass my test on the first attempt. Very good and highly recommended.”
- Ray

Thank you Glenn

“ Thanks to Glenn I passed my test. He's very easygoing and teaches you everything you need to know.Would highly recommend Glenn's driving school to anyone. Thanks again Glenn!”
- Arwen

Great for any Learner

“ Through patience and countless hours Glenn made my time learning to drive much more patient and informative. I recommend anyone starting out as a learner to choose Glenns Driving School you won't be disappointed”
- Brandon F

Very highly recommend!!

“ I passed my P's test first go. Every lesson I had with Glen, I learnt something new. He is very easy to get along with and knows his stuff about driving/ how to pass your test. Every question I asked was properly answered and I felt I could be a confident driver because of this. I had several lessons with him which were very valuable to my diving experience and felt that after them, I was 100% ready to do my driving test. I highly recommend Glen's driving school.”
- Abby

Fantastic Driving School

“ I cannot recommend going through Glenn's Driving School enough! I had Donna as my instructor, and she made me a much more confident and relaxed driver. She is extremely calm and patient, very knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humour. Every lesson was a positive experience. I managed to pass the driving test on the first go. Thank you so much for everything Donna!”
- Jamie

Donna is Amazing

“ Donna took me for all my lessons and we had a great time, even when we drove at 8am, she was amazing”
- Curtis

greatest instructor 🙂

“ i wouldn't not of passed if i had not gotten lesson from donna. She was so good with building my confidence and making me relaxed leading up to my test.”
- lara


“ I found Glenn to be very pleasant & understanding in your learning, he's patient & very helpful, couldn't have done it without him.”
- TÊa

Best of the Best

“ Glenn is personally the greatest driving instructor you can have. When I started with Glenn I had around 10 hours, very nervous and still learning the clutch. When I hopped into the car with Glenn that changed, his manual car was perfectly equipped to help someone like me master the clutch and Glenn himself did not pressure me at all. He was understanding but over the ten lessons he got me into more advanced areas which my parents would not be so comfortable with at first. Overall great guy, great equipment and great prices. If I had to learn again, I would go with Glenn.”
- Adam


“ I only had a few lessons with Glenn before my test, but he really helped me focus on all the things I had learned. He was calm and really knew his stuff, so gave great advice about the test and driving in general. His lessons really boosted my confidence in my driving ability. Thanks Glenn!”
- Katrina

Great instructor

“ Glenn was really great at helping build my confidence and without the lessons and his help i don't think i would have had a chance at getting my P's.”
- James


“ Maria from Glenn's was really helpful in making me a better driver! Very friendly and always wants the best out of you!”
- Jessie

Passed First Go!

“ Glenn is a fantastic teacher. Very patient,knows the fine details of driving.Thanks Glenn!”
- Josie


“ I had Maria for my instructor and she was great! So easy and fun to talk to and taught me everything In a patient and calm manner, making me learn it quickly! Passed my P's on the first go! Thank you!!”
- Jess Palena

Thanks Donna!

“ Donna is amazing! Great instructor, helped me to improve immensely! Grew my skills and confidence. She is calm, clear and a real pleasure to drive with. I passed my test first go! Could not have done it without her!”
- Lauren

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